ArmGrout M50

ArmGrout M-50 is recommended for precision grouting where it is essential to with stand static load and typical applications like base plates of turbine, Generators, compressors, boilers etc. it is basically a free flow non shrink high strength expansive, grout. It is based on port land cement with graded aggregated and additives which impart controlled expansion in the plastic state. The non shrink grout function is three folds, to fill the voids between the base plate and the concrete foundations completely and permanently without shrinkage or separating from either to transfer all loads from the base plate to the concrete foundation and to maintainprecise alignment. It effectively transfers all operational loads to the foundation.



  • Used for precision grouting
  •  Grouting of base plates of turbines,generators, compressors, boiler feed pumps
  •  Anchoring for a wide range of fixings, Masts, anchor bolts and fence posts.
  •  Bore packing


25 Kg

6 Months


MYK Arment


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