AquaArm SaniGuard Primer

AquaArm SaniGuard Primerare solvent free prime coats on a polymer dispersion basis to improve the bonding capacity of following water containing polymer modified surface sealing, finishes, paints and tile adhesives. By hardening the surface its load bearing capacity is increased.The pre-treatment withAquaArm SaniGuard Primeravoids that the following material losesthe water contained too quickly.Furthermore,the working time is prolonged and the danger of shrinkage cracking is decreased. To mark already primed surfacesAquaArmSaniGuard Primer is colored greenish (therefore only applicable under sealant and tile adhesives)



  • AquaArm SaniGuard Primerreduces the absorption of substrates, binds surface dust, consolidates,prevents rapid water loss from levelling compounds.
  • AquaArm SaniGuard Primer is used for priming absorbent and lightly sanded substrates e.g. gypsumbased construction materials (plaster, interlocking gypsum slabs, boards, screeds), concrete, masonry work and similar.
  • ¬†Suitable as an adhesion promoter for surface applied waterproof membranes (e.g.AquaArmSaniGuard)

Coverage : 200 g/Sq.M

10 Kg

2 Years


MYK Arment


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