AquaArm IC

AquaArm IC is a state-of the art one component, penetrating crystalline material forwaterproofingand protecting new or old structurally sound concrete. It resists strong hydrostatic pressure. AquaArm IC is powered by advanced crystalline technology which chemically reacts with moisture and free lime to reduce the water absorption of the resultant cement matrix within the concrete. This is a result of the formation of nano-scale crystals by the active catalysts present in the capillary system. This sustains a durable waterproof effect in the concrete, thereby blocking the passage of water. This reaction will continue to take place anytime water is present for the life of the concrete structure where by making the AquaArm IC a truly permanent and integral waterproofing solution. The AquaArm ICnano-crystals will also grow in and along static hairline crack sealing themand preventing further incoming water.



  • Exterior and interior waterproofing inBelow grade structures i.e. Basement Raft & retaining wall, lift pits, foundations, retaining walls.
  • ¬†Water Tanks, Waste Tanks, STPs, Manholes


1.5 kg/m2 in two coats

25 Kgs

6 months


MYK Arment


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